Florence, Italy

Output 2 - Ufficio scolastico per la Toscana


Transnational Meeting

Seville, Spain - 4th October 2018

Delivery of results - Output 1-  National Report and Analysis of good practices

 José Gonzalez Monteagudo

Delivery of results - Output 2

Peer learning with teachers and school principals

Daniela Cecchi and Alessandra Papa

Delivery of result

Output 3: Module 6 Mathematics

Charalampos Lontos

Output 3

Proposals and comparisons

Multiplier Event

Seville, Spain 5th October 2018

Alessandra Papa and Daniela Cecchi

USR Toscana, Italy

Sarah-Louise Mortansen

Videnscenter for Integration, Vejle Denmark

Viktoria Prekate

Regional Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education in Attica

QuaMMELOT - Team

LTT Activities

Athens, Greece

5th-9th November 2018

Quammelot Group at 1st Experimental Junior

High School of Athens

Math Laboratory at 1st Experimental

High School of Athens

Visit of the Open Accomodation Center of Eleonas

Discussion with Refugee Education Coordinators (RECs)

Presentation of the Greek educational system

Information Meeting on the Refugee issue

Presentation of the Greek educational system

LTT Activities

Vejle, Denmark

3rd-7th December 2018

Visit at Midtbyskolen - Vejle

Working with robots at school:

KidsSimulator & VR

Visit at Red Cross - Vejle

QuaMMELOT group at Café MellemFolk

(ActionAid) - Aarhus

Visit at the asylum center in Jelling

Presentation of Danish educational system at Municipality of Vejle

Status of QuaMMELOT Project

LTT Activities

Florence, Italy

25th February - 1st March 2019

University of Florence

Presentation of the weekly programme in Florence

Oxfam Italy - Intercultural Walking

Oxfam Italy Laboratories: Interactive Learning Communities (OSDE); Theatre Methods for Global Learning (T4L)

MCE - Educational Cooperation Movement

"Discovering the secret corners of Florence"

MCE - Educational Cooperation Movement

Sum up Laboratory at Florence University

Visiting of "Laboratorio Aperto di Cittadinanza Attiva”

and activities with immigrant students - Multicultural Lunch

Transnational Meeting

Vejle, Denmark - 13th, 14th June 2019

13th June 2019 - Vejle Municipality

Project status updates by all Partners

14th June 2019 - Vifin, Vejle

Proposal for Guideline(IO6) and discussing

14 th June 2019 - Vifin, Vejle

QuaMMELOT Partners -  Meeting completion

Transnational Meeting

Athens, 23rd January 2020

23rd January 2020 - Athens

QuaMMELOT Partners -  Meeting completion