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Platform of the Language Center of the University of Florence used for the piloting of the online course QuaMMELOT


QuaMMELOT (Qualification for Minor Migrants Education and Learning Open access - Online Teacher-training) is an answer to the complexity of the School, to rethinking the role of the teacher as a person able to reflect individually & on society to promote inclusion, implement concrete actions against discrimination & promote active citizenship.

Distance learning allows the participation of European teachers within an interconnected system to confront everyone with a reality that cannot be avoided for long and that must be oriented towards dialogue and cooperation

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The project supported teachers-participants in their professional development to prepare them to stem school drop-out, cultural diversity and facilitate the learning of unaccompanied foreign minors. The specific priorities are the consolidation of the teacher's professionalism in diversity management. 

Piloting Platform's Structure

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After the testing phase, the training modules are available on this site at the page

Online Course-Learning Modules

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