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MODULE 1 - Legislation

General overview, aims and proposed activities


Phase 1
The module proposes the reading of the document Essential normative lines of four European countries (Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain) in comparative terms. The document collects study materials in which migratory contexts and educational systems are briefly describe (work: 5 hours).

Phase 2
Answer a questionnaire consisting of two questions related to the topics covered in the document presented in Phase 1 (work: 5 hours).

Phase 3
Proposal of 2 activities: a practical activity aimed at students and an activity of restitution of the results obtained reserved to teachers. 
Activity 1: construction of a "School autobiography" aimed at knowing the school history of its students. Teachers will have to distribute the card in the classroom and guide the students in the realization of the works (10 hours of work have been counted). 
Activity 2: restitution of the results obtained from the practical activity. The teachers, after having guided the students in the compilation of their "School Autobiography", will have to write a brief reflection on what they have learned from the reading of the papers made by the students (work: 10 hours). 


Training Objectives

  • Knowing the essential normative lines of the partners' Countries (Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain) about migratory contexts and educational systems

  • Collecting information about the students' previous school experience



Phase 1: "Essential normative lines of four European countries (Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain) in comparative terms"

Phase 2: Questionnaire

Phase 3 - Activity 1: "School Autobiography"

Materials also available in other languages: Danish, Italian and Spanish




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