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MODULE 7 - Computer Technology

General overview, aims and proposed activities

Ongoing activity: Write a self-reflection diary along the way, to expose thoughts, problems, successes and failures. 

Phase 1
Study and explore concept and features of Free Software. Install the LibreOffice package and activate the LibreLogo toolbar (work: 5 hours).

Phase 2
Explore Seymour Papert's thinking, in particular its considerations about the "fear of mathematics", in order to understand the logic behind the use of the Logo software language (work: 3 hours).

Phase 3
Learn how to draw with the LibreLogo Turtle, following the examples in the section "Drawing with the LibreLogo" and trying to reproduce them, and expand them with free personal variations. Feel free to explore the following chapters (work: 12 hours).

Activity 1: Try to draw your logo (in the sense of your brand), that is a graphic of your choice by means of LibreLogo. Put the graphics in your diary, by means of cut-and-paste. Thus, the diary becomes a decorated trace of all your work (work: 10 hours).



Training Objectives

  • ​Understand the pedagogical potential of a sound coding practice

  • Achieve adequate mastery in programming with the Logo software language in order to be able to teach it to the students.



Coding - All Texts Proposed

Materials also available in other languages: Italian and Spanish



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