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Active Citizenship

General overview, aims and proposed activities

Phase 1

  • Activity 1: The video Democracy as debate and the reading of the text The technique of the 'debate' are proposed (work: 5 hours).

  • Activity 2: Write a short report with the observations and/or reflections derived from watching the video and reading the text (max 1 folder) (work: 5 hours).

Phase 2
It is proposed the realization in class of the laboratory The Prism of emotions: learning to recognize your discomfort and understand how to manage it (reworking of the "wheel" of Plutchick (1980)). The workshop encourages each student to reflect on the emotions. 

  • Activity 1: Divide the class into optional groups of 2 students and each of them will riceive two colour prints (present on the platform): Sheet 1: Plan development of the "Prism of emotions"; Sheet 2: Map of emotions. Each group of students, following the instructions, will have to cut, fold and paste the drawing on Sheet 1 to form a 3D prism. The Prism should be placed on the map of emotions according to the directions in Sheet 1 (see photographic instructions). Students will have an overview of the emotions and some behaviors resulting from the interaction between several emotions (work: 7 hours).

  • Activity 2: The teacher will assign for each student an emotion on which to work, always in groups of two. It is recommended to assign emotions that are far from the student's character. Each group of two students must decide how to represent the emotions assigned in a short sketch where both are protagonists (Role Playing) (work: 7 hours).

  • Activity 3: At the end of the workshop (Activities 1 and 2) the teacher will report (max 2 folders) on the progress of the workshop and the results achieved (work: 6 hours).



Training Objectives

Deepening of Module 5 "Active Citizenship“



Phase 1

The technique of debate

Phase 2

Prism Instruction

Phase 2

Sheet 1 Prism of Emotion

Phase 2

Sheet 2 Map of Emotions

Materials also available in other languages: Danish, Italian and Spanish

Extension of MODULE 5 DK

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