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Practical Artistic Espressive Workshop

General overview, aims and proposed activities

This module focuses on collaborative learning and creative expression through different cultural mediums. 

Therefore, practical activities are the main content of this module. The activities are intended to motivate: “learning by doing” and “inclusion through co-creation”. 
As this module has the format of a workshop, the structure is a bit different from the other modules. In this module, there will not be background texts, but a wealth of activities that you can try in your classes. However, each activity will include a thorough introduction to the learning goal and purpose of the activity; it will suggest didactical methods and links to relevant studies or organizations with expertise in the field.
Under the overall focus on collaborative learning and creative expression, the activities seek to engage other skills and competences. 
These are: 
-    Language skills 
-    Digital skills
-    Independence: the ability to take responsibility for some of the tasks within the team work 
-    Social competences; the ability to engage in dialogue and make compromises in the team 

In the introduction of each activity, it will be evident how the activity engages these skills specifically. In general, all activities will take its point of departure in a well-known expression form i.e. movies, and give the pupils the task to develop their own movie in collaboration with some of their classmates. In the process of the production, the pupils are collaborating and taking decisions how they want their end-product, they are evidently working with languages (National language, English, Arabic, Body-language and so forth) and digital medias. 


Each activity is built over more than one class session, the number of suggested sessions will be apparent in the particular activity guide. You are not expected to try all the activities in class, but work with the activities that you find most relevant and exciting for your class teaching. In some of the activities it is suggested to combine different subjects i.e. language courses and art classes. Please, notice that the time indication for the activities are suggestive, the teacher might decide to spend more time to go in greater depth with the topic.  

The activities concern: 

Cooking  -  Movies  - Exhibition  - Radio  - Books   


Training Objectives

Each activity will involve many different tasks that will need various skills and expertise to be fulfilled. Thus, it is the wish that all pupils will be stimulated and feel that they can add value to the production. Hereby, the module will give all pupils a positive experience of successfully contributing to the cooperation and co-creation in the teams.Even though, the parents are not the main target of this module’s activities, it will become evident that most of the activities suggest that the parents are taking part in the presentations of the  pupils’ products. It is intended that the parents hereby will take part in their children’s schoolwork and get an insight of how the class is working with creative, social and digital skills as part of their education. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity for the parents to meet each other and socialize together with their children. 






Books - Comics

Making Movies


Radio Programme

Activities Evalueting

Materials also available in other languages: Danish, Italian and Spanish




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