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Communication&Interpersonal relationship

General overview, aims and proposed activities

Activity 1: Be aware of our prejudices towards others.

Activity for teachers and students

- Activity for teachers

Listen to the speech( and then write an essay on the theme of the local, and global, and their relationship with identity, taking into account the axis of this sequence "Recognizing the voice of the other in its specificity, listening to it, and making it our own (work: 6 hours)

- Activities for students

  • Read the story Paths_of_Light_and_Shadow ( Everyone will have a copy of the text, and will read it silently and autonomously. At the end of the reading there will be a series of reflection questions to be discussed in the working group: is there anything in common between the emotions that your memory has evoked and the emotions of the protagonist? Where does the resemblance reside? What did you do on that occasion?

  • Exercise of collective creation based on exercises by Patrice Baldwin (2014), a researcher and educator who proposes through collective activities a type of exercise that fosters the formulation of opinions, knowledge of the contradictions of a character, empathy and commitment to a choice (work: 10 hours).

Activity 2: Your voice, my voice: door to emotions

Self-evaluation for teachers

The teachers will have to reflect on the outcome of the module, what worked, what did not and why? How could it be optimized? etc. The reflections could be recorded in small videos and uploaded on the platform. In this way, the teachers can learn from each other's experiences. 

As part of the reflection, the teachers will also have to gather feedback from the pupils in order to determine the outcome of the modules. The partners will deliver suggestions on how to discuss the modules with the pupils and what aspects of the module that might be important to discuss with them. (work: 6 hours)

Activity 3: Dissemination and transfer of knowledge

Activity for teachers

The transfer of knowledge is proposed as a final activity. That is to say, it is intended that this course can be made known and that more and more fellow teachers are encouraged to do so. For this reason, as a participant we propose you to produce a document in an attractive, concise and visual format that includes the following aspects: 
- Purpose of the course.
- Importance for teaching practice. 
- Witness as a participant.
- Opportunities offered by the course (work: 8 hours).


Training Objectives

  • ​Be aware of our prejudices towards others. We often think and act according to prejudices, stereotypes and confusing information present in society.

  • Reflect on the experiences of immigrant students. Giving voice and feeling how this training is affecting our personal and professional development as a teacher. 

  • Recognize ourselves in the other, placing us in a common plan of struggle for change and the creation of a new coexistence and a new reality.



Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Materials also available in other languages: Danish, Italian and Spanish




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